This targeted approach to advertising provides advertisers with a cost effective advertising solution that can be accurately monitored.

Multiple packages are available to meet the requirements of micro, small and large business requirements.

Advertisers are able to show case to a small and captive market, at a personal one-on-one environment.

A 110 mm x 60 mm , high definition display, with a resolution of 1080 x 720,  provides crystal clear images, and flawless viewing of adverts. Adjustable volume controls allows for audio adjustment to meet environmental requirements.

Each time the digital bill folder is opened, a new advert is played from scratch, making sure that all active adverts will be displayed in their entirety by as many people as possible. Data analysis of how many times a particular advert was played is available to advertisers for their analysis

Docking Station

The digital bill folders are fitted with a long life battery. This together with a charging docking station combination, makes sure that the digital bill folders are always charged and ready for use.

Reports can be structured to reflect the advertiser’s impression/view totals for their advert by daily, weekly or monthly totals.

This accurate information allows advertisers to plan and monitor  their campaigns based on actual impression data.


● Still images or high definition motion video with sound can be used.

● Accurate viewing reports are available for each advert played at    every individual hospital.

● Campaigns are possible for a specific hospital, or at a number of    different hospitals

With video bill folders at “NetCafe” coffee

shops at selected hospitals throughout South Africa. Rabbit Holes is able to provide a digital platform to be used to promote brand

Awareness or video information campaigns.

Our locations provides exposure to staff,

patients and their visitors at each of the

selected hospitals

The digital bill folders are available in sets of eight, which are stored in a stylish, charging docking stations. Multiply docking stations can be linked to extend the number of available digital bill folders per venue.

Open Bill Folder

Adverts are distributed and loaded onto identified digital bill folders via the remote support infrastructure, using WIFI connectivity.

The use of the digital bill folder allows for location specific advertising campaigns to be undertaken advertisers, seeking an easy and manageable means to reach a target market.

Bill Folder Display

The digital bill folders were introduced into selected restaurants and coffee shops in 2018 as a pilot project. Sites were selected in Malls and shopping centres in Johannesburg to evaluate technical performance and customer acceptance to the product.

In late 2019, after a very successful pilot in malls and shopping centres, the pilot was extended to selected hospital based coffee shops. A comparison of daily impressions showed that the analysed viewing data at hospitals was in line with those from the malls and shopping centres.  This prompted Rabbit Holes to establish a niche market within hospitals

The Rabbit Holes Team

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Alon Brest - General Manager  ( 082 772 2029 )

Alan Richards - Head Of Operations

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Viewing results

Results reflected are for the 6 months prior to the Covid 19 lock down. The graph is based on the average impressions (views) per coffee shop per month, for our study sample of mall based versus hospital based coffee shops.

Based on our sample and period, the average impressions for mall and hospital based coffee shops are:

Mall based coffee shops,

12500 impressions per coffee shop per month.

Hospital based coffee shops,

14900 impressions per coffee shop per month.

Nobody can say with any degree of certainty, how the Covid19 virus will affect social behaviour, post lock down. However, as hospitals form part of the essential services to care for the well-being of patients, it is likely that activity at hospital based coffee shops will remain constant, or maybe even increase in the post lock down period.

Average monthly impressions per coffee shop

Mall coffee shop average

Hospital based coffee shop average

12838 18554 17119 15774 12878 15662 11376 11595 9568 13614 11836 14270

Sept 2019

Oct 2019

Nov 2019

Dec 2019

Jan 2020

Feb 2020

Digital Bill Folder Overview

The Digital Bill Folder, is a stylish bill folder with an onboard, HD miniature Bill Board, capable of HD video with sound, or still images with sound tracks.

Its measurable effectiveness is determined by the number of times a particular advert was viewed at individual locations.

New Feature

The Digital Bill folder can be customised to perform Client Surveys, collect the data and provide reports based on the survey conducted. A feature to assist companies to understand, the needs and concerns of their clients and implement suggestions to improve client experiences.

Digital Table Talkers and Bill Folders  for marketing campaigns

Digital Table Talker Overview

The Digital Table Talker, rechargeable, portable device that has a 7” HD screen capable of displaying still pictures or motion video with sound. They also have the option of charging two cellular devices which makes them ideal to be used for marketing campaigns in many venues.  

The Table Talkers are available hire for long and short term marketing campaigns

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